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The Following are various reviews from misc. concerts, shows from the Vault (coming soon), and any pertinant movies, etc. that I find interesting and important enough to share with the world wide web.  Please feel free to submit your own.  Enjoy!

UFC 58 'USA vs Canada' Reviews

Dead Kennedys @ HOB in LA January 28th
Submitted on 2/18/06 by Waynealsbcglobal.net

Sorry to say, I can't let it go.  I write because I care.  It was a $22.50 bet I made to the band in good faith.....

After being a lifelong fan, having seen DK back in the day, true lover of
all the catalogue, (original Fresh Fruit on white vinyl release, carved
their name in my arm, had the swastica Nazi Punks Fuck Off armband taken
away from me by my eighth grade English teacher, etc...) I go way back as a

I gotta say, unfortunately, the audience witnessed a shell of a band.  Sure,
there are a lot of expectations and the band was generally well received.
However, with false starts, wrong words, missed cues, sloppiness and a
monkey of a front-man, I found it woefully apparent that the band was about
60% there. 

It is evident what energy, captivation and overall power a creative activist
front-man brings to the table and inspires a band.

After seeing the "Jelvins" recently at the Ford Theater, I whole heartedley
looked forward to seeing DK.  I am a non-descriminate fan, who finds himself
caught in the middle like a child during a divorce.  I was pleased to
purchase the re-issues and the newest DVDs.  I applaud the efforts of DK to
continue doing what they do.  But, after seeing DK, I began to wonder why?

A new flock of punks are enjoying the 'old school' and it's novel for them
to be able to see the band.  But, Who is this vocalist and how is it that he
is fronting such a band?  Shame.  "We are just a band and can't change the
world"" or "we've been sleeping for awhile, but we're back!", his rantings.

The Dead Kennedys have already changed the world.  If only to be part of the
American conciousness, shinning a light on "the dark shattered underbelly of
the American Dream".  Their influence has never gone away.

The "message" I suppose is still there and it's better than doing nothing at
all.  But the band has lost the flavor and the righteousness that I knew the
band to stand for. It seems like they are resting on their catalogue,
committing uninspired performances and coming around to get the paycheck.  I
had to see it to believe it and would not except it any other way.

...I didn't feel like I won that bet or that it was a "win - win" situation.

I challenge DK to work on new material or even release an instrumental
record.  A tour would even be fun without a singer and make it a sing along.

Of course, as a fan, we'd all love a reunited band with new songs and a
stronger following than ever. I love the music and the creative force behind
the band.

"Oh, well things crumble to an end.  Hell we all die in the end."

The sum is greater than the parts.

True Fan,

A Documentary: Making Movies Anywhere
Reviewed by Joshua Black
Submitted 3/18/05

To term this documentary 'info-taining' would be an understatement, but not too far from the truth.  This is an in depth look at both the ins & outs of independent film making, and the unique workings of one of Hollywood's most efficient family-run production companies... from Kansas.

This documentary takes a raw, behind-the-scenes look at the making of Steve Balderson's second film FIRECRACKER (also Dikenga Films' 2nd feature), staring the likes of Karen Black and Mike Patton in an ensemble cast.  The viewer is escorted through the lengthy & very interesting casting process- from the initial hopes all the way to the final choices, along with candid comments from all of the actors. 

Die-hard Patton fans may find themselves slightly frustrated, due to the fact that he doesn't appear until about an hour into it.  Although, that just ads to his elusive mystique, no?  His part(s) in the film seem very intriguing, and it will be interesting to see just how he pulls it off.  The viewer does get a look a Mr. Patton in both characters, so his appearance is worth the wait.

All in all, FIRECRACKER promises to be well worth the wait, as well as an excellent follow-up to Mr. Balderson's directorial debut PEP-SQUAD (aka I'VE BEEN WATCHING YOU 2: PROM NIGHT (UK: video title), highly recommended!  Steve Balderson is a very dedicated & extremely detail-oriented film maker.  He really knows what he wants, and seems to be keenly aware of ever little part of the process.  His commitment to the arts is truly inspiring.

Currently storming it's way through the film festival circuit, keep a close eye out for FIRECRACKER, coming to a theater in a city near you!