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After a painstaking battle/ negotiation process with a couple of different faceless corporations, I finally got the domain name back in my possession and have made a few changes...  Please have a look around!  And be sure to come on back, as I will be gradually updating every section...


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Tune in and log on every Wednesday at 8PM (pacific time) to the Kaleidascope Radio Magazine, in affiliation with the American Radio Network (ARN).  

www.KCLAFM.com, 99.3FM (KCLA/ KLAS), or call 323-461-6675.

"Coast to coast & around the world, live and on tape- 30 MINUTES OF BLACK is a 30 minute internet radio show dedicated to a wide range of high quality, non-traditional, and sometimes most unusual music- VERSATILE MUSIC for VERSATILE MINDS.  This show features current bands, former bands, one-time projects, and even up & coming, unsigned bands and solo artists just looking for exposure.

All of which, are hand-picked by me, with my official seal of approval."


Aside from showcasing unsolicited music, 30 MINUTES OF BLACK is an outlet for me to air and share my extremely rare bootleg collection, as well as promote underground independent record labels such as Ipecac, Tzadik, Web Of Mimicry, & Alternative Tentacles.  The show also features extreme sports coverage, such as the X-Games, UFC, & Pride Fighting (out of Japan).  Updates can be followed on the radio show, through the Links section, & right here!


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Welcome to the new web site.  We appreciate you stopping by.  Please have a look around.  The Submissions section is where you will find all (or at least most) of the artists who's music has graced our air waves over the years.  You will find links to their web sites.  Please show some support & check them out.  There is a vast array of musical diversity.  If it's not already your style, it will enrich your world! --
 The VAULT section contains bootleg videos of rare & amazing concert performances from various artists.  A collection I happen to be quite proud of, as a matter of fact. (All footage is exclusively property of 30 Minutes Of Black). -- 
The UFC section is where I promote the greatest fighting organization in Mixed Martial Arts, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. --
The News and Reviews sections should speak for themselves.  Enjoy the tour!

Comments and suggestions are always encouraged.

For all submissions, questions, comments or compliments write to